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Lean manufacturing tools are easy to understand and easy to use. Iplementing these proven tools into your organziation and cutlrue is not so easy. That's why you're here. Let us help.

Every organization is different with varying levels of lean support and openness to change. There is no one best way to implement lean. I've been involved in a full corporate implementation from scratch, then responsible for maintinaing a well established corporate system, then to a provate comony for restarting lean.

I've tried and failed and learned and hope to share (yokoten) these learnings with you and make your lean efforts smoother.

I hope you’ll steal, adapt, and create your own xxx

UI've put these togehter nad refined them over years of using them for teaching and training and reminding.

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· Item #301: Lean House Design

· Item #302: Lean in 10 Questions

· Item #501: Visual Management Tips

· Item #901: Lean Leadership Tips